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On Point Jewellery Trends for Summer 2020!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Marie Claire reported a few days ago that one of the hottest trends for 2020 is "Colorful Stones", stating that "spring tends to bring a renewed energy to our wardrobes; we shed our puffers and ankle boots for barely-there sandals and whispery cotton dresses. To welcome sunnier days and add some cheer to your look, opt for bright baubles in various hues.

Other fashionistas are confirming this trend and also indicating that layers and layers of necklaces that are big bold and chunky are a hot look for 2020. So it looks like colour, stones, layers and bold are a good bet for this year.

I am excited by this! I love a bold statement necklace, with tons of colour, and as you will see by the Jewellery here at SunLine Metalz, summer is a time to enjoy being a woman, so embrace the sun!

Chat soon,

Caroline Andrews

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