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Still trying to keep busy!

So, I don't know about you but I have done a pretty good job keeping busy over the last 9 months. I have done so much, and truly feel pretty proud of how much I was able to accomplish. Plus, as a bonus I was able to keep my spirits up despite the isolation.

But now Canada is deep into our second wave, and I am not sure I can continue to remain productive or positive. Things are starting to feel a little stale, all the extra spare time activities have been done (or mostly), and I am worried I might fall into a slump.

So the purpose of this blog today is to share some ideas on how to stay productive and positive for the rest of the pandemic. Hopefully this will help you and me too!


#1 the first article I found by Yes Magazine has this great list! It really has some great information.

Download PDF • 63KB

In this same article I found this part to be extremely helpful:

Fourth, try not be negative.

If the selfish imp of negativity, criticism and blame pushes its way into your heart, send it packing. If it persists, take time to ask what it really needs. Attention? Love? Many of us have an inner jerk—but don’t let it put other people’s lives at risk. Many of us also have an inner critic that likes to sabotages peaceful self-acceptance. Our inner jerks and inner critics often result from unresolved childhood experiences. They confuse us, so that we don’t know what our real feelings are. Sometimes our thoughts create our feelings, and we need to ask ourselves “Am I experiencing a reasonable level of fear, anxiety or loneliness, or am I increasing these feelings by the way I’m thinking?” If you have a friend who is a compassionate listener, ask for a time when you can talk about your negative thoughts and process your feelings.
And fifth, keep your anxiety in perspective.
It’s understandable, for there’s a lot to be anxious about. It’s a normal evolutionary response to danger or threat. But don’t let it flood your being so that it stops you from being rational and taking practical steps. The “50 Ways” will help—so let’s get to them!


#2 Jackpot! I believe I have found something new to do...visit museums - virtually. I am sure that will inspire my creative endeavors.

The Travel and destinations website has pulled together this amazing list of virtual museum tours.


#3 100 things to do list - this is another Jackpot!

This list from USA today is 100 things to do during the pandemic and is epic.


Well that should keep us busy for a soon! If you find any good ones to share email me at


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