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Summer oh Summer

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

As you can probably imagine or deduce from the name of my company I am in love with sun, summer, warm weather, and anything happening in July and August.

A lot of people I know hate the heat, but that is such a small part of summer, and if you are able to get relief from the heat near water, or in the cool summer evenings you can learn to appreciate that the heat is extremely necessary and can be enjoyed in combination with absolutely everything summer has to offer such as growth, lush, nature, sweet smells, long days, rejuvenation, creativity, healing, abundance and so on.

Perhaps that is why I love working with heat, torches, kilns and fire. While doing this work I am reminded of the power and miracle of the sun and feel the heat of summer feeding my creativity.

Speaking of creativity, after investigating some of the upcoming trends in Jewellery for the next few seasons I am inspired to create so many new things. I just need more time!

In the next few weeks I will be working on new resin pieces, both Jewellery and miniature home décor items. I have this idea for a beautiful little analogue clock and some fantastic natural coasters. Or even a combination of both.

I am hoping that August will afford me a lot of opportunity to create with no distractions!

This beautiful clock is not my creation, so beautiful and inspiring. It can be found @

Enjoy the rest of summer!

Caroline Andrews

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