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This georgous sterling sliver and K2 Stone pendant is truly original, not only because of the rarity of the stone, but because the setting was designed to compliment the colours presented.


K2 is the name given to a newly discovered stone found in the foothills of the second highest mountain on Earth, K2 in the Karakoram mountain range which borders Pakistan and China. K2 Stone is a combination stone characterized by vivid blue or green “spots” in a mottled granite matrix.


The K2 Stone is a rare, unique stone, allowing one to reach the highest “peaks” of consciousness and grounding energy into the third dimensional reality.


The frequency of K2 Stone connects to the third eye chakra, opening this chakra and one’s consciousness to see the “bigger picture” of one’s life’s experiences. Giving one a higher awareness and to have clarity of thought to enable one to clearly see and know what is “right” for one. Thus, the name of this pendant K2 Clarity compliments the stones properties.


K2 Stone increases one’s insight so that one is able to find answers to questions concerning issues in one’s life, it aids one’s intuition so that one is able to connect with the “all knowing” part of one’s being.


All pendants include a sterling silver chain in your choice of length so you can wear your piece with confidence. See length options below.  Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, and doesn't stain your skin.  

K2 Clarity

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