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Hello!  I am Caroline, a Canadian studio jeweler who enjoys designing jewelry for clients who appreciate my creativity and enjoy wearing my one of a kind  and inspire me to create one of a kind jewellery. I have chosen to work in enamel, metal and gemstones and  because these materials are durable and beautiful. I like my work to last! I love manipulating colors and watching for the unexpected juxtaposition of the elements. I enjoy the search for simplicity in the face of numerous mechanical demands. I revel in the plasticity of metal under the hammer, the strength and coherence, the immutability, the predictability, the bliss. In short, I am a Metalhead!!! This does not mean that I refuse to work with other materials, as I have in my necklaces, thoroughly enjoying iridescent and vitreous elements. But, for the most part, I stay the course with hammer and files, forming, soldering, and casting. I hope you enjoy reviewing my work and adventures in metal!

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Sunline Metalz Jewellery is...

consciously sourced creations such as gemstone and sterling silver pendants, unique enamel creations and beautiful earrings. 

Each piece is a one of kind artistic wearable creations made with sustainable and environmental considerations.   

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